Fat Axxes

Time to get it on!

Unleash your BEAST with Fat Axxes

Youngstown’s all new high intensity axe throwing experience is here now with Fat Axxes! A unique and engaging activity like you’ve never seen before. Grab a lane and bring your BEAST. We’ve been waiting for you!

Stick around and enjoy Steel Tip Darts or shoot some Pool between rounds. Sit and relax in our throwing lounge, browse some of our sweet merchandise or take your picture with our selfie station to share with your friends! Our new bar area just opened for even more fun. Come have a responsible refreshment while you watch! 

Now manufacturing, selling and renting  Mobile Axe Throwing Trailers for distribution nationwide. Enjoy mobile axe throwing anywhere in the United States. Call Today! 

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2790 Robbins Ave.
Apt Front Niles, OH 44446

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0 $
Per Person / Hr
Up to 12 People per Lane. 2 Targets

Train like a pro

Learn proper axe handling techniques and refine your skills in games of accuracy against your friends and family. Focus your competitive edge to become the Top Axxe. But most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Exceed your expectations

Challenge your skills

An Hour of Awesome

Enjoy a full hour of axe throwing as you get ready to unleash your inner lumberjack.

Train until you are comfortable. Instructors on scene if needed for your first time!

Axes Provided

Don't worry, we have you covered!

Fat Axxes provides their very own specialty throwing axes to ensure you have a safe and hassle free time! 

Open or Private Lanes

Compete with a group or rent an entire lane for your party.

Rates based on both individual and group needs. Fat Axxes will book up to 8 lanes per hour for your party. 

A Reason for any occasion

Personal Training

Challenge yourself. Learn new skills. Condition to be the BEST!

Birthday Parties

A party like NO OTHER. Get some friends, grab a lane and GET IT ON!

Team Building

Work together. Skill train competitively to win in a unique atmosphere.

League Nights

Have what it takes to be Top Axxe? Find out every Thursday.

Why Axe Throwing?

WHY NOT? Competitive axe throwing is the fastest growing indoor sport for a reason. Where else can you, family, friends or co-workers hurl a sharpened blade at a safe target for the sake of competition? Fun and unforgettable. Book Today! 

Axe throwing leaves it all on the table. A game of skill and technique, Fat Axxes levels the playing field for strength and brains alike. Anyone can compete and win. A great way to upstage your boss, sibling or rival.

Join the League

Every Wednesday night 6-8PM During season

Think you have what it takes? Challenge other top throwers every week in sharpened combat to see which team can outscore the others! Sign Up Now! 


  • Mon-Tues Closed

  • Weds: 4pm – 10pm

  • Thurs: 4pm – 10pm

  • Fri: 4pm – 1am

  • Sat: Noon – 1am

  • Sun: Noon – 6pm


  • $25 / Person /Hr

  • Up to 12 persons per double target lane. Call to book parties over 12 for multiple lane blocks


  • Every Wednesday Night 6-8PM. Don’t forget to sign up!

2790 Robbins Ave. Niles, OH 44446    |     Ph: 330.349.4189
[email protected]